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Drivers Inc services

The full infrastructure of a solid running business; with all the statutory requirements in place and working premises to operate within for office work .

Recruitment of staff according to the needs of our clients

Full supervisory functions tons to recruit and refrence check and verify staff as well as deliver staff to clients on site, manage staff and get feedback from clients.

Applications and signed contractual agreements with all members of staff in support of statutory requirements .

A full payroll function including PAYE and UIF

We are Vat registered

24 hour telephone cover and a full reception services during office hours

20 years in the industry of staff supply, letters of good standing , tax clearance, membership of prerequisite bargaining council WCA , and other statutory bodies.

Staff Provided
  • Code 08 drivers
  • Code 10 drivers
  • Code 14 drivers
  • Forklift drivers
  • Van Assistants
  • Loaders
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Admin clerks
  • Data clerks
  • Receptionists
  • Cleaners

We specialise in heavy duty and ultra-heavy duty drivers for local and long distance trips.

Our drivers come highly recommended and are capable of transporting large loads of cargo.

Our drivers are equipped to handle all types of trucks including refrigerated trucks, oil tankers, and petrol tankers as well as interlinks and drivers with hazardous chemical certificates (DGP) permits.

We recruit and select employees to be trained for specific needs where and when necessary.


The Powder Mill,
5 Sunrise Circle , Ndabeni

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